Thursday, July 19, 2007

For Mrs. Ann

Office Space haiku. I think I've watched this movie way too much.

If you could put the
cover sheets on TPS?
Yeah, that would be great.

If things go well I
Might be showing her my O
face--"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Heh.

I'm gonna lose it!
Sounds like someone's got a case
Of the Mondays!

It seems you've missed work.
I can't exactly say I've
Been missing it, Bob.

Don't take my stapler.
Move my desk and I swear I
Will burn this place down.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Haiku Doin'?

Lapse in updating.
Will attempt to fill in gaps
Solely in haiku.

Took a trip in May.
West Palm Beach--ritzy. Open
Bar, drank way too much.

Rode catamaran
To Peanut Island. Many
homes I can't afford.

Went go karting in
Jupiter. Ran off course but
Still finished the race.

Had picture taken
With Senior Vice President.
I smiled awkwardly.

Sunburn peeling, flew
Home to Phoenix. Was very
Happy to see son.

Most of June has been
Very busy. Catch up on
Work, projects moving.

CJ is talking
in partial clauses. Learns new
Words every day.

Read Dr. Seuss's
ABCs each night for bed.
Memorized each word.

Big I, little i,
i...i...i. Icabod is
Itchy. So am I.

Took time off for Fourth
Of July. Made burgers, watched
Fireworks from backyard.

Birthday is next week.
Excitement mounts though I grow
Older--Thirty-two : )

Shall quickly forget
to mope about if Harry
Potter comes on time.

As for now, not much
Going on. Daily routine
With domestic joy.

Hope you enjoyed the
brief haiku update. If not,
It's all Everett's fault.